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The god of the sea and the wind

Having grown up by the North Yorkshire coast I've always had a fascination with the sea and the coastal weather has been a big part of learning to love the outdoors. The bracing sea air can clear the mind during any season, whilst the bite of the wind in winter can invigorate and refresh. A gentle breeze on a summers day can be most welcome and all the while is the accompanying rhythm of the tide.

Stunning landscapes, sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, rolling waves, shrieking sea birds and a hugely significant human heritage all characterise my own experiences of living beside the sea and even now living slightly more in land I can feel the draw of the coast and typically visit at least once a week.

So when by chance I first came across the new technology that can lift us up into the sky easier than ever before it was an obvious and logical step to take my drone to the coast and enjoy the sea and the wind from up high and show me views I could only previously imagine.

As my passion for flying drones took hold it developed into an idea that perhaps there might be a chance to do this for a living and then there was only ever one choice for naming the business; Njord Sky, after the viking god of the wind and the air. Our coast is rich in viking heritage and with this god's eye view of the landscape we now operate a formal drone business across the Yorkshire region and even wider in the UK depending on the project.

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