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Njord - the Norse god for the wind & the sea.  


The region's viking heritage is something that helps make Yorkshire's unique identity whilst our own affinity with the incredible Yorkshire coastline meant that when it came to deciding our brand it made sense to link back to the ancient Norse culture & Njord Sky Drone Services was born.

Based near York & Scarborough we cover the whole Yorkshire region but travel beyond also.  We are passionate about the opportunities drones can give existing industries & we are always looking ourselves at the latest innovations & how they can help support our services provision. Our interests include nature, history & the outdoors & there's nothing we love more than capturing a sky eye view of the world

Finally, safety is a key priority for all our operations & we are proud to be a part of DroneSafe & the Drone Safe Register as well as committing to our continued PfCO permission from the CAA.  All our drones are labelled & identified & we are fully insured for commercial operations.

If you would like to discuss any aspects of our services please do not hesitate to get in touch today;


Interested in grassroots or amateur sports?  Then check out our partner organisation;

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